Suppliers Offering More from Natural and Artificial Turf for Canberra Properties

Farr Out Landscaping are suppliers of a premium range of aesthetic, traditional and artificial turfs for properties across Canberra. Ideal for homes, commercial premises, sporting grounds, schools, council facilities and more, there really isn’t a small front garden or expansive landscaping project that cannot be improved with the proper introduction of turf. As a team of expert suppliers, our staff can even help you select the best options for your needs, combining cost-saving technology with highly appealing designs.

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Choosing the Best Turf for Your Property

When selecting the best turf for your property, you might initially feel overwhelmed by the vast array of choices laid out in front of you. There are so many different styles and types on the market with various pros and cons, but to determine the right answer, it really only boils down to one question: which product is the best fit for your lifestyle?

For example, traditional, organic grass has that unmistakable natural glow that can help make a front lawn pop. It does, however, demand a lot of water usage, pruning, cutting and feeding. If you have minimal amounts of time available, perhaps due to work or family commitments, then this might not be the product for you. After all, natural lawns can quickly get away from you, and without proper care, can turn dry.

Artificial turf, however, might be better suited, as it requires nowhere near the same amount of treatment as mentioned above, as well as being highly resistant to the harsh and ever-changing Canberra climate.

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