Tran Le, Moncrieff, ACT

“Dwayne and his team (Anton and Dez) are in such high demand, and after the exemplary job they did, I can certainly see why. My job was booked nearly a year in advance (some of the wait was in part down to conflicting schedules) but it was certainly worth the wait.
The team spent a solid week at my place on a complicated stone project which required a lot of set up requiring a number of corners, and walls at varying levels and thicknesses. The project required several stone walls at the front and property sides, two sets of stairs with flanking sidewalls, an approx. 1.8-2.0m stone pillar, and a number of conduits necessary for lighting and irrigation – all on a sloping block.
The team arrived everyday just before 7am … and just got on with it. They worked continuously with only breaks at 9AM and 1PM before finishing the day at around 330PM. They were so punctual, and their routine so set, that I still easily remember their timetable. I’m still amazed at how much work they got done each day, and the level of craftsmanship, despite shaping and chiselling all the stone by hand in the summer day heat.
Dwayne constantly kept me updated to the progress of the build and would consult with me whenever there was something that needed my attention. They were easy to talk to and approachable – any adjustments or additions to the project were actioned without any complaints and would be further refined thanks to their advice.
Their professionalism and consideration to their work space was easily apparent during their time here. They took utmost care to lay down boards to prevent damage to the pavement and driveway, and swept and cleaned up at the end of each day. My place is a lot cleaner now then what it was when Dwayne and his team first appeared onsite!
I highly recommend Dwayne and his team to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled stonemasonry crew – all at a fair price (unlike some other landscaping and stonemasonry companies) – to help with turning their project into reality.
Thanks again guys, really appreciate your efforts and the great job you guys did. Hope to have you all back for another (smaller!) project later down the track”

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